ASICS Women's Aid Charity Run
14 Jul 09:00 AM
Until 14 Jul

ASICS Women's Aid Charity Run

Join the Women Warriors on the ASICS Women's Aid 10k Charity Run

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Please ensure both the Waiver and Release and Fitness Assessment forms have been completed if you are interested in attending one of our events!

Women Warrior Fitness and Spa – You will sign in and have a small meet and greet. Followed by military style training, working in teams, pairs and individually pushed to your abilities and a bit more. After training you will be able to relax in the Spa, which consists of Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, salt therapy room and lounge chairs. With light refreshments.  Total time 2.5 hours X1 a month Fee: £50

Women Warrior Wellness – Same as fitness but with Stretch Yoga, Breathwork and a mini–Sound/Gong Bath. This may vary from Month to month. 4 hours in total X1 a month Fee: £105

Women Warrior Social – Once a month a social weather that be a hike, walk, sporty activity, dinner or drinks. This is a place for Women to meet new friends and be a part of the community. Women Warriors have a WhatsApp group, and any women can join this is where we communicate and update the community about events and meet ups. Hit the WhatsApp button and send us a message if you would like to join the community.

X1 a month Fee: FREE (only the individual cost if required)

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